For those who are sceptical about the subconscious mind, think about it. You are breathing right now, without thinking about it, it is an automatic response. You are not consciously thinking I need to breathe; I need to breathe; imagine for one second what would be the result of forgetting about breathing! The human body is an amazing thing and the power and functionality of the subconscious mind needs to be recognised.

I use hypnosis during the therapy session as a tool that helps you to find to learn new, positives and healthy ways of living your life.

Hypnotherapy is quick and efficient that is why is different from other treatments. I believe we have the power to change our lives but sometimes we need help or guidance and that is what Hypnosis can do for you. I can help you to stop smoking,

lose weight or overcome your fears but at the end of the day, you, with the help of hypnotherapy, are the one that will change and learn a new and lasting lifestyle.

“I will help you, to help yourself”

My approach is very practical and focused on what it is really causing you the disruption. I don't believe in prolonged treatments that could lead to overcharging clients. If after few sessions a really motivated client does not improve then I stop the treatment.

Hypnotherapy has no side effects unlike many prescribed drugs.

See the below article and video that says the “ NHS should use hypnosis as a standard”.
“NHS should use hypnosis as a standard”.

 I have been working in the Finance industry and promoted several times, my time came to jump to Manager Director for a prestigious investment Bank. However this promotion included several intense interviews with very senior professionals. In reality I had not been interviewed in almost 10 years so I thought to use hypnosis to help me focus. Thanks to Eva and her professional techniques I was able to conduct a confident interview which helped me land the promotion.


For many years I was addicted to food and I was just about to accept that I would always be.  I tried other hypnotherapists before but I was not able to stop overeating for too long.  Eva using regression made me go back in the past and see why I was doing so much harm to myself.. I have not had any craving episode since I started working with Eva. She is very professional and at the same time friendly and  I feel very comfortable in her sessions. Tks Eva!.

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