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Anxiety - Panic attacks

Anxiety - Panic attacks

Break-ups can bring anxiety and desperation to your life, having a job interview, an exam, your own insecurity, you name it, the list is long. However, sometimes we don’t know why we feel anxious, why we feel an irrational fear to fly or to make a contact with a person we do not know. Nobody deserves a life with the unwelcome anxiety symptoms (heart palpitations, sweating, dizziness) and with the help of hypnosis you can finally start a new life free of those symptoms.

Some clients really struggle to find a way to be relaxed and calm. They are terrified and anxious with the idea of being hypnotised. I will show you techniques to learn how to relax, so you can put them in practise when you are at home or at work. I help clients with anxiety issues dealing with the “real” cause of the anxiety.

Sometimes we need to go back to the past, maybe even to a time when we were kids, to find out the hidden causes of the anxiety. With the help of Hypnosis we can work together to find out what wrong theories, that are causing us anxiety, had been in our subconscious mind for many years without us even being aware. With relaxation techniques we can work together and find new ways of dealing with anxiety.

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