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Being pregnant is something extraordinary but not everybody feels or experiences it the same way. A healthy pregnancy is not always the case. I can assist you with moving placentas, relocating the baby from breach to head position, self-practising  relaxing techniques, controlling foetus movements when going through aggressive and invasive tests (amniocentesis) and of course the never mentioned post natal depression. I feel fulfilled when after a session a “mother to be” tells me how relaxed and calm she feels after talking to me. If she is calm, the baby will feel it and the pregnancy will go smoother.

For those women like me whom decided to have kids in their late 30’s early 40’s, I highly recommend the use of hypnosis. When you are thinking about getting pregnant and it does not happen, you become obsessed with the thought of getting pregnant.  That additional stress is not going to help. I can help you to learn to relax and whilst hypnotised contact the subconscious mind and assist you with visualisation techniques. The session will be very relaxing and a positive experience for you.

I can help you also if you are going through any fertility treatment to get pregnant. There are statistics that show that more women get pregnant with the help of hypnosis. If you are more relaxed, your body and the organs of the reproductive system will be more relaxed and ready to accept and develop the new embryo.

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