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Stuttering – Stammering

Stuttering – Stammering

A person who stutters often repeat words or parts of the words and tends to prolong certain speech sounds. They may also find it harder to start or repeat words. Some may become tense when they start to speak, they may blink rapidly or their jaw may tremble as they try to communicate. Their speech may be completely “blocked”. That means that their mouths are in the right position to say the right word but virtually no sound comes out. Conversely a stammer person will find difficulties to finish the words or the sentences.

If I tell you that famous politicians and actors were suffering from problems of speech you will nowadays not be surprised. Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Anthony Queen, Rowan Atkinson, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and even Moses were suffering in some moments in their life of speech difficulties.

About 1% of the UK adult population has a stutter or stammer. Hypnosis can help to find out the reason that is causing you having a problem in communication.

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