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Fear of Flying

Fear Of Flying

“I was on a plane with my husband, I was fine until I heard an announcement from a flight attendant asking for a doctor and then I started to panic and feel anxious”.

This one instance could be the trigger point for a fear of flying going forward, which is one of the most common phobias that impacts the general population.  Hollywood movies and the nightly news may play another role in creating a fear of flying in letting the imagination run wild.  The reality is that the latest statistics show there is less than one accident for every 4 million flights!

There are some very well documented examples of people in the public spotlight whom maintain a fear of flying which has impacted career progression – with one famous example being former Arsenal and Dutch International star Dennis Bergkamp.

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“It got so bad I would look up at the sky during away games to see what the weather was like. Were there any clouds coming? Sometimes I was preoccupied by the flight home while I was playing football. It was hell.’”  Dennis Bergkamp:

As can be seen here this phobia has likely ruled him out as a serious contender for the next manager role at Arsenal.

Similarly I have had some clients that had to fly for their professional jobs and they used prescription drugs to overcome their fear. This solution can lead to an addiction and is not solving the root of the problem, the fear. With hypnotherapy many clients are able to take a plane again without having any fear, so can you.

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