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Hypnosis with Children

Hypnosis with Children

As a mother myself of twins, I have gone through a lot..but it was not until my children started to experience some issues at school that I decided to include children in my practise.

Is hypnosis with children safe? 

If you haven’t done hypnotherapy before you may worry if it is safe. Those whom have done hypnotherapy know that it is completely safe, you do not do anything you do not want to do in the session and the same runs for children.

Can the parent be present during the session? 

 Even more, during the first session I advise parents to be present, so the child can feel relaxed and comfortable and you as a parent can see what we do. It obviously depends on the will and the age of the children as sometimes teenagers prefer parents not to be present during the session.

What happens during the first session? 

My way of working is very focused on the child, in helping them to find a better way to deal with what is worrying them or their parents. During the first session I learn more about your child and the difficulties they are experiencing but I am very keen to learn what they hope to get out of coming to see me, and I spend time in discovering what they enjoy, what their strengths and internal resources are. All this will help them move towards finding the solution. All of this is done in a gentle way … usually in a fun way … to help them feel at ease.  At the same time I am listening closely to how they talk about things, which language they use etc to help me work with them in the best possible way. 

We then move on to the ‘hypnosis’ part of the session where they can make use of that pleasantly relaxed and creative state where the mind becomes very receptive to the positive suggestions that we will have discussed. Hypnosis for children is simply a state of absolute engagement of ones mind in the story or relaxation or visualisation that I am encouraging them to imagine. Some children imagine best when their eyes are closed and some prefer to keep them open. Some are very relaxed and some are quite wriggly. Either way is fine! The whole process is imaginative and perhaps a little bit ‘day dreamy’.

What can hypnosis help my child with? 

If you have worries about how you children are dealing with some of the issues listed below, please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you.  


• Bedwetting (Enuresis)

• Allergies

• Nervousness and nervous habits

• Nail biting

• Asthma

• Nightmares and sleepwalking

• Insomnia

• Athletic ability

• Pain

• Divorce

• Attitudes

• Performance anxiety

• Hyperactivity

• Compulsive behaviour

• School problems

• Concentration issues

• Creativity enhancement

• Shyness

• Phobias

• Physical coordination

• Sleep disorders

• Depression

• Fear of medical people

• Speech difficulties

• Anxiety

• Friendlessness

• Stealing

• Anger management

• Grief and loss

• Stress

• Getting on with siblings

• Headaches

• Suicidal thoughts

• Problems with new partners

• Illness

• Thumb-sucking

• Exam nerves 

• Insecurity and lack of confidence

• Uncontrollable anger

• Eating issues

• Learning problems

• Vandalism

• Confidence

• Low self-esteem

• Weight issues

• Dyslexia

• Memory problems

What do I get from the session? 

After the first session I give the children a FREE tailored recording to listen to every nigh to help them to familiarise with hypnosis and speed up the process.


The  sessions will lasts 1 hour   and cost £120.

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