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Pain Management

Pain Management

Nowadays pain is one of the reasons why most people go to the doctor. It can be a chronic pain, normally associated to an illness  or condition that may last a lifetime. Or may be an acute pain, that may occur in specific situations and normally will not last a long time.

The good news is it can be treated. With the right techniques your mind can reduce the intensity of pain that is in your body. You can feel analgesia in your hand and therefore you can apply that lack of sensation to other parts of your body.  During the session and while hypnotised, you will practise techniques to reduce the intensity of the unpleasant sensation (that is how I like to talk about pain), so you can feel more in control and more positive about it.

Hypnosis has helped many patients suffering even from  cancer to have a better quality of life and sometimes even to cure it. It is very important not to forget how powerful our mind is and how it can influence our body.

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