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It is believed that between 15-30% of the population suffer from headaches or cephaleas.  The pain of the headache is the result of the excessive dilatations of the sanguineous vases, the meninges and the brain. The person that suffers from a headache can be unable to operate for a period that goes from 4 to 72 hours. This can be very devastating for the client and can also affect family and work.

The best way to avoid those headaches is to prevent them because when they are already there sometimes only medication works. With hypnosis you will learn to relax, so your muscles, your nerves will be less tense, the relaxation will bring more oxygen to your veins to your capillaries and the dilatation will diminish and therefore the intensity of the pain.

Some people experience flash images one hour before a headache, a light that anticipates that the headache is coming. Other people do not have any light flashes.  I can teach you some techniques to prevent those headaches depending if you have some flash images (auras) before the pain starts or not.  You will feel relief, calm and relaxation after the session.

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