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Eating Disorder - Weight Control

Eating Disorder - Weight Control

I like to call it emotional eating, we can eat because we are bored, anxious, depressed or just because we think we deserved. The brain responds to food with a pleasure association. You just need to pass by a bakery and the smell of a fresh cooked bread will go straight to your brain quicker than any other smell! You will probably find yourself producing saliva without even noticing it (highly related to a pleasure experience).

Many diets do not work or do not have lasting results because we are working with our willpower at a conscious level. Hypnosis helps you to understand what is really causing you to overeat and the most important thing the subconscious mind will find other ways to deal with food in a healthier and lasting manner.

“After my twins pregnancy I felt like I would never be able to use my clothes again from before the pregnancy. After using hypnosis in conjunction with patience and a healthy diet I have managed to squeeze on a pair of my favourite jeans again!”

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