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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

I have used hypnosis to help senior managers to overcome fears and be successful in work presentations or in promotional interviews.  Although a fear or phobia of public speaking is not very common, it is nonetheless limiting and debilitating.

“We are born with very little knowledge but we learn as we grow”.

The good news is that a fear of public speaking is not something that we are born with, we develop a fear at some point of our life! Maybe we had a bad experience when we were at school and had to read to the other kids in the class or saw somebody else with a bad experience in a public communication. Whatever may have happened, with the help of hypnosis we will find out and work together in finding new positive ways to deal with it.

Many sales professionals have. 

found the use of hypnosis very beneficial to overcome their fears and to be able to make confident presentations in front of an audience without feeling panic.

See below my client Shanez. After two sessions, she was  brilliant on this TV interview!!. Well done!!

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