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The perfect gift to add to a Birthday or Christmas card, on mothers/fathers Day , Congratulations, Good luck or just because giving is the best present you can do to others and to yourself.

Give the gift of health and let your friend or loved one choose what aspect of their life they would like to work on.

Being grateful is an amazing way to show someone that you care!!

You can choose between

1  hour  £ 90  voucher to use in any treatment
2  hour  £180  voucher to use in any treatment with Regression.

A package of 3 sessions for £250.
A package of 5 sessions for £430.

A weight loss package of £340.

A smoking cessation package of £270.

Children Session £120.

The packages can be with or without regression, I am happy to discuss the specific needs you may have.

In the voucher is included

15min call consultation
Hypnotherapy session
Mp3 tailored recording after the session.
Email Follow up care

A voucher for evahypnotherapy sessions is more than just a present; it’s an invitation to transformation. It offers the ultimate freedom to choose from a range of sessions that can uplift, heal, and inspire. Think of it as a pocket-sized life coach, ready to help a loved one tap into new levels of well-being whenever the time feels right. It’s the gift that not only shows you care but also empowers a journey towards a happier, healthier life.


The voucher is simple to use.  Just book online in the booking tab and include the code VoucherEH.  You will receive an email with the confirmation of purchase.

Vouchers bought and paid for are non-refundable

Vouchers can be used for any treatment listed on the hypnosis treatments page that you choose.

The voucher will expire after one year and can be transferable.

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