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Hypnosis Q&A​

Do I learn how to do  self-hypnosis?

Yes, I will teach you techniques of how to do self-hypnosis at home or at work. To be able to feel more in control in situations that you need to, for instance before doing a presentation at work, speeches, feeling anxious to meet new people, etc.

Can I use hypnosis for pain control?

Hypnosis is a helpful non-drug therapy that reduces pain in chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Studies show that more than 75% of people with arthritis and related diseases experience significant pain relief using hypnosis.

What is the youngest child you have worked with?

I worked with children as young as 5 years old but it will always depend on the child.

Is it safe?

It is completely safe. Hypnotherapy is an interaction between you and me, I will not have control over you or anything like that. We will work togeter to achieve those changes that you want and need to achieve. Please forget all the movies you have seen about hypnosis. I am a clinical psychologist that usees hypnosis as a tool to help people!

What does it feel like?

It will depend on the session. It can be a very relaixing session and you feel calm and relaxed  during the session or it can be also a very intense and emotional session and tears may arise. It will depend on what I see during the session that needs to be worked on.

Before we end the session, I will bring you back to a conscious state and I wil be sure that you are emotionally and mentally relaxed and calm, no matter what we worked together during the hypnotic state.

Do I talk during hypnosis?

It will depend on the session. Sometimes clients need to use regression and then yes you will need to talk. It will depend on what I see you need. Everything that is revealed duirng the session is confidential.

Do you actually fall asleep during hypnosis?

Hypnosis does not involve falling asleep. Hypnosis is similar to a daydream state, like when you wake up early in the morning with the alarm clock and you stop the alarm. You are sleepy still but consciously able to move the hand and stop the alarm clock.

How long does it take to see results from hypnosis?

In general, most people start to notice a difference after the first session but it varies from person to person. Some clients will say they don’t think anything really happened and then it will kick in the next day. For instance, see an example of client feedback below:

“I came to Eva for insomnia, which came out of nowhere and was likely triggered by anxiety from work/family mid life changes. I had seen a couple of specialists previously and decided to give Hypnotherapy a go. While I did not really think much happened during our first session, Eva sent me a lovely recording to listen to before bed every night and surprisingly after just that one session – and after not sleeping well for nearly a month – I had gotten 3 nights in a row of great sleep.  I was really amazed at this result and was incredibly happy that, out of nowhere it seemed like, I was starting to get normal sleep again. In addition, Eva sent very thoughtful follow up emails and explained some other concepts which was incredibly thoughtful and generous of her. I would highly recommend just trying one session if you are curious, as it does not take much more to see changes”

Client wanted to remain anonymous.

How long it last a session?

The first session is normally 90 minutes as I need to get as much information as possible in order to give you a personalised therapy.

The follow up session will last approximately 1hour

Regression sessions 2 hours..

The number of sessions will depend on the treatment and the person. Everybody is different and have different needs but normally between 3 and 5 sessions.

How regular should sessions take place?

It will depend on the clients flexibility and agenda, but I would suggest at the beginning of the treatment the session should be if not weekly at least every two weeks. Later on the sessions can be monthly, depending on the needs. I also attend clients that may need me for a follow up session after 6 months, it will vary really.


£90 per 1 hour session.

Can I stop a session?

Yes, the client can stop a session at any time.

As I mentioned you are not sleeping during the session you can came out of the hypnotic state and deal with something urgent if you really need to do so.

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