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HypnoBirthing and Postnatal Еmotions

HypnoBirthing and Postnatal Еmotions

HypnoBirthing is a wonderful way to bring relaxation through your pregnancy and the birth of your child. It will help you mums to feel in control of your body, to  your partner, to feel like is part of that beautiful experience of giving birth and for the baby to welcome the world in a more relaxed and calm manner!!

And then the baby arrives!!

Nobody knows how being a new mother is going to affect your life. Some mothers will enjoy fully and many others will have up and downs. Stress, anxiety and depression are not uncommon issues that you as a new mother may have to deal with.  If you are relaxed your kids will notice it and they will react better. With hypnosis we can work together in finding relaxation techniques that are suitable only for you, so you will be capable to overcome the anxiety and the stress with the help of self-hypnosis.

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