"I am passionate about sharing with parents a way to bring babies to life in a calmer and relaxed manner"

‘I had 5 private sessions with Eva from about month 5 of my pregnancy. At first I was worried that I was a little late in learning how to hynobirth but with Eva’s help I soon got the hang of it. I found that there's a lot of fear based conversation between mums. It seems we have forgotten that birthing is entirely natural. Hypnobirthing reminds you of this. By practicing with Eva and putting the tools I had learned into practice on the day I can honestly say I look back with such warmth and calm. My active labour was a mere 2.5 hours. Having started my contractions around 4pm, our daughter was with us a little before 1am in the morning. Breathing properly whilst convulsing from adrenaline is certainly difficult but without the mindset that hypo-birthing helps you grow I strongly believe I wouldn’t have had the experience I did on the birth-day of our first child. Thank you Eva’


 The course is taught during 4 days, each class lasts 2 hours. 

The course is held in the SOUTH KENSINGTON & BAYSWATER area in CENTRAL LONDON in a warm, bright, wooded new yoga studio.


 The next avalaible Group course commences the 12th of June 2021 held on Saturday from 10.30pm to 12.30pm.

For further information about the Group courses please contact me.

Is your NCT group or other group of friends interested in a hypnobirthing course? I can arrange a group course especially for your private group.

Hypnotbirthing is a complete antenatal programme, an interactive, relaxing and very practical course where the aim is to let go all those fears about giving birth, and increase the confidence in yourself and your body.

It is spread across 5 days so parents can process all the information and practise self-hypnosis techniques and relaxation exercises.


The course is taught to a small group of parents and cost £350 per couple.

I also offer private courses (£450) and refresher courses (£90, one hour).

Dates are available by arrangement.

Fear release sessions are available for first and second (or more) time mums!!.

The course can be taught in either English or Spanish.

Your rights as a parent!!

Pregnant mums have the right to paid time off work to attend antenatal classes.

Partners also have the right to unpaid time off work to go to two antenatal classes.



Materials I provide in the course: 

-          The original HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan.

-          The Rainbow Relaxation and the Affirmations mp3 or CD. (practise).

-          Handouts that are very practical for your pregnancy and labor. 

What you will learn and practise in the classes: 

-          How most of the time is it fear that causes pain during labor.

-          How to break the fear-tension-pain cycle.

-          To practise self-hypnosis to gain control of yourself and your body.

-          Understanding how the birthing muscles work in perfect harmony to aid the birthing process.

-          To love your body and feel confident with your body and your baby. They both know what to do.

-          Relaxing techniques that will make you relaxed quickly and that you can use later on in life (tantrums,stress!!).

-          To learn to be relaxed during birth and likely shorten the labour.

-          To practise breathing and visualisation techniques that will help you to relax during your pregnancy, labour and birth and in case you need a hospital intervention.

-          Light touch massage to release the body’s natural pain relief endorphins.

-          You will learn to reduce the need for difficult and tiring pushing and therefore reducing tiredness.

-          It will give confidence to your partner during the pregnancy and birth, he will learn too!

-          You partner will practise techniques to make you feel more relaxed during pregnancy and at birth.

-          You will learn Natural techniques to bring labour on when you have exceeded your "estimated due date’.

-          You will learn to increase your confidence when dealing with medical staff.

-          The course will help to create a special bond between partners.

-          To feel happy, content and comfortable after the birth, which can reduce the “baby blues” and post-natal depression.

-          Gaining control of your birth experience, whether you give birth at home, in hospital or via c-section,.

-          Gentle birthing techniques that allow you to breathe your baby into the world without the need for violent forceful pushing.


"Not all HypnoBirthing mothers aspire for un-medicated birth and HypnoBirthing works wonderfully alongside other medications when needed.”

Questions and Answers


 What is it HypnoBirthing and the Mongan method? 

HypnoBirthing is a wonderful way to bring relaxation through your pregnancy and the birth of your child. It will help you mum to feel in control of your body, to you, your partner, to feel like you are part of that beautiful experience of giving birth and for the baby to welcome the world in a more relaxed and calm manner. The Mongan method comes from her founder Marie Mongan and teaches you that, in the absence of fear and tension, or special medical circumstances, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor. The Mongan Method is the only HypnoBirthing method that is standardise and taught to mums and partners all over the world.


When is the right time to start a Hypnobirthing course? 

You can get the benefits of practising self-hypnosis tecniques any time during your pregnancy, normally parents starts after 20 week scan, but I have parents they joint on late states of the pregnancy, even near EDD too and is fine!


What if I give birth before the end of the course? 

If you give birth before the end of the course, I offer you back the cost of the sessions you did not attend (cost of book & postage deducted).


What if my partner/husband cannot attend one or all classes? 

Couples attend the course together most of the times. There are mums-to-be that attend on their own, and that is absolutely fine: I will give material for the birth companion and instructions on how to share it with him.


 Hypnobirthing can be used for any birth and even for a c-section. The benefits are:

-          It allows you to bond with your baby before they are born.

-          You are able to prepare mentally for your birth, whatever that may be.

-          The breathing techniques help you to remain calm, relaxed and slow the body down to facilitate the body’s acceptance of the anesthesia

-          Relaxation can help your body to heal easier and quicker

-          You can release any fears surrounding the birth.

-          The baby will still benefit from the relaxation techniques.


What you put in your mind your body follows”


IVF and HypnotBirthing

 Hypnobirthirng can help mums that have gone throught a fertility programm to:

-          Regain a feeling of that you are in control of your body again.

-          To trust that your body is able to produce all the hormones that your body needs during pregnancy and labour.

-          To release any anxiety obtained during to the IVF treatment.

-          To focus on your pregnancy and your baby and let go all the fears. 


What is a Fear Release session?

 Either If you are a subsequent mum to be or this is your firsts pregnancy,I offer a fear release session where you can really let go any particular issue from your previous birth so you can then focus on enjoying your pregnancy and the birth of your loved baby. 



 You can make your full payment through Paypal, making a transfer to info@evahypnotheraphy.com. If you do not have a paypal account please contact me and I will give you an alternative.


 "Not only is Eva highly skilled and effective at what she does, but also a kind, approachable and compassionate listener. Eva was really prepared to go the extra mile to understand my situation and tailor her approach to really support my individual needs. The work I did with Eva prior to pregnancy was invaluable and I believe played a key role in my journey to motherhood. Since having my daughter I continue to apply many of the techniques I learnt from Eva.”

It was my first pregnancy and I was worried how painful it could be, I ended up with a C-section but I felt totally relaxed and calm like if someone else was giving birth..When they put Samantha on my chest I felt so surprised of how smooth the birth was done. Bringing relaxation through self hypnosis techniques that I learned help me to remain calm and in control even when I saw the doctor introducing his hand in my tummy in order to bring her to me. I will always celebrate the day I thought about learning about hypnosis especially self-hypnosis, as it helped me during the pregnancy, during the ammenocentesis test, during birth and it continues to help me to this day to remain calm and more or less in control when the kids are fighting!

I was not sure about all this HypnoBirth thing to be honest , I was just following my wife but during the course I started to understand how much my support could make a difference in our second child’s birth. I felt calmer and much confident specially after the not so nice experience we had with Tom . I can highly recommend Eva she is friendly and very willing to help.

Thank you to all your teaching in the course I manage to be in control during the all birth I did focus on visualising the baby moving down and remained relaxed and composed between surges. It is no way I would have done this withou t all the breathings techniques you taught us, tks tks tks! 

I was not really looking to have a pain free delivery but mostly I wanted the feeling of being in control. And I achieved that through HypnoBirthing. Luckily my midwife have had quite a few mums using HB and she was experienced in it. I am very thank you full to Eva and the course as I managed to feel it was my body and my birth I was more in control and aware of what was happening to me and my baby that in Nico’s birth. HypnoBirthing is definitely worth doing with Eva!

 Al final no hizo falta proceder a la inducción porque gracias a la reflexología se me activo naturalmente el trabajo de parto y cuando llegue allí ya había empezado a dilatar por mí misma. Por las complicaciones que te dije de no tener líquido amniótico y no saber ni por qué ni desde cuándo, me pusieron goteros con antibióticos y monitorización continua, tumbada y sin movimiento lo que me impidió tener el parto en el agua que deseaba. Igualmente, hasta que dilate 9cm fue todo de forma natural gracias a la hipnosis, las visualizaciones y las respiraciones, pero cuando pensaba que lo peor ya había pasado, Oliver empezó a padecer sufrimiento fetal con su latido cardiaco y la sala de repente se llenó de médicos que intentaron sacarlo lo antes posible, al final Ollie llego sano y salvo con nosotros. No es el parto que siempre soñé, pero increíblemente me mantuve calmada y tranquila en todo momento. Imagino que todos los ejercicios que hicimos ayudaron a tener ese estado de autocontrol. Gracias por todo Eva y aquí tienes a nuestro pequeño pollito.

I found the course, CD's and relaxation exercises were brilliant leading up to the birth. During the birth itself, i used alot of the breathing and relaxation exercises and only had air & gas. I definitely found HynoBirthing helped me prepare for birth and the first stages of labour.. I would definitely recommend it but you need to practise the relaxation exercises and breathing exercises on a regular basis. you also need to have a partner who is prepared to go through some of the exercises with you as he can play a central role.


”Mum’s breakfast time” 


I have a created a “mums and baby’s breakfast time” with all the other mums that attended the course and live nearby so you can meetwith them, share stories, doubts and experiences and create a nice friendship with your neighbour.

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